Trading Flavours LLC, Dubai, UAE is an FMCG Import-Export Company that bridges the gap between manufacturers, distribution partners, foodservice and retailers in the Middle East, Africa, India and South East Asia.

About Trading Flavours

MEISEA – Middle East, India and South East Asia


To Support and Build new markets in the MEISEA region for small & medium size FMCG companies.


To operate as the extended arm and Export/Import Consultant for selected small & mid size FMCG companies producing Clean Label Products


Integrity, Accountability, Trust, Teamwork and Transparency

Who are we ...

Trading Flavours, Dubai, UAE was founded by Niels Kristian Jensen and Charles M. Pedersen in October 2013 as a UAE LLC company allowing us to directly servicing the UAE Retail- and Foodservice sector by supplying selected products, and working with distributors in the Middle East, India and Southeast Asia (MEISEA).

With a track record of FMCG Retail- and Foodservice operation in the MEISEA region since 2013, our key aim is to establish full synergy with brand owner’s and transfer home market strategies into international markets through our extensive network of distributors and retail operators in the MEISAE region.

Charles M. Pedersen

Founder & CEO

  • 20 years of experienced in international and export oriented FMCG operations to Retail and Foodservice in the MESIS region.
  • Entrepreneurial, strategic- and operational management with good acumen.
  • Hands-on and proactive with a commercial drive.

Why MEISEA markets ?

We have 20 years experience of doing business in in the MEISEA region. Since 2013, we have been physical operating out of our Dubai office which have given us a strong market knowledge and a good network of Wholesalers and Distributors in the MEISEA region within Foodservice and Retail.

MEISEA markets has a growing population of high to middle income consumers who crave for imported Healthy and All-Natural products.

MEISEA markets have a massive expat community who constantly search for Healthy and All-Natural food products.

MEISEA markets has a growing modern retail sector which is becoming more and more focused on Healthy and Clean label food products.

MEISEA has a major problem with obesity and diabetes and all Government institutions are encouraging its citizens to eat healthy, do frequent exercise to avoid modern world lifestyle illnesses.


What do we offer Manufactures...

  • Building International recognition and Value for your Brand.
  • Finding suitable distributor(s) or direct arrangement with retail operators.
  • Monthly on-line and/or audio meetings, updating current- and future activities.
  • Quarterly sales and marketing reports incl. customer- and competitor analysis.
  • Consolidated shipments with other non-competitive manufactures. Economic of scale to lower freight cost.
  • Min. 2 annual market visit to push and promote your Brand and plan product sales and marketing activates.
  • Participate in selected exhibitions representing your Brand i.e. at Gulfood, Superfood-Asia, Organic & Natural Expo, Saudi Foodex

“Clean” is now part of consumer vocabulary…

  • The concept of clean has been used by the food industry for many years but “Clean” has more recently emerged as part of consumers vocabulary as a new way to say “healthy”.

  • Consumers are today looking for more and more Clean products, and in many markets the major Retailers are not following the trends as fast as consumers changing habits.

  • Today many consumers spend time searching on the internet for these types of products and when they find them it is often from a very specialized web-shop at very high cost for the products.

  • The Covid-19 virus has again underlined the danger of an unhealthy lifestyle with obesity, diabetes and other lifestyle diseases, which is mainly caused by over processed foods with many unhealthy and artificial ingredients.

  • The leading UAE retailers (Carrefour, Spinneys, Lulu) have over the past 2 years allocated more and more shelves-meters for Clean products and it is evident, that this trend is only at its very early stage.

Business Concept and Partnership

TF will represent selected companies and drive business in our network of distributors. TF will work as a Commission Agent where invoicing will be done directly between the client and the manufacture.

Our Partners