Additionally to our fruitful cooperation with local clients we are proud of having successful cooperation with international partners since their first entrance to the Ukrainian market.

What in particular do they value about their partnership with the Jahn & Jensen Group?

They value our professional full service concepts stretching from international pick up of goods to ensuring having the right product at the right time at the right place in the moment of truth where the consumer chooses which product to purchase at the point of sale. A strong organizational infrastructure accompanied by current market data, the consequent market support, the active involvement in advertising, positioning etc.

The Key Account identifies fully in the Brands, and this is reflected throughout the entire process to the direct advantage of the consumer. It lies in the nature of the trade that we have some hard fights from time to time. However despite the heated discussions, communication remains on a business level and joint solutions are sought and found.

Fish & Seafood

Vegetables & Berries

Bake-off Bread & Pastry